Tuesday, 22 October 2013

App Love

A friend of mine said I should do a post on apps after She heard me say 'oh, I've got an app for that',  so here it is!  :)

I was slow to the app world but once I finally got a working smart phone I was hooked.

I trial apps and if they don't cut it, I delete them to free up much needed space for the million pictures of my son.

Following is a list of some of my favourite apps. Please leave a comment and tell me which apps you love!

Facebook, Instagram and Pinterest
These three are my social media trilogy. I'm on them ALL THE TIME connecting, creating, planning and time wasting. They all have their perks and nuisances but I will not delete them.

VSCOcam and Beautifulmess
These are the main two image editing apps I use. Beautifulmess is fantastic for creating images with text while VSCOcam allows for great photo manipulation.

My FitnessPal 
FitnessPal was really helpful when trying to get back to a healthy weight range post birth and while Breastfeeding*. It has great features such as being able to scan food packaging (such as a tin of tuna) and tell you how many calories it contains. You can also record any exercise you do and FitnessPal calculates how many calories you would of have lost. Obviously it is just a guide and I would never recommend getting obsessed with calorie counting, but I found it beneficial when I was  finding a diet/exercise balance especially while starving thanks to boob feeding!

Shazam is perfect for that moment when you're in the car, hear a great song on the radio but you don't  know its title and who performs it. Hold your phone close to the radio and in a few seconds it will have the details for you. Disclaimer: please drive safely and don't use Shazam while behind the wheel.

P Tracker
 P Tracker is so useful to track Aunty Flo** especially if you are irregular like me. It has lots of features and I use it all the time.

Appointuit is an incredibly practical app I use all the time to book GP appointments for my family. We are part of a very busy health coop and find it difficult to get through the busy phone line. Appointuit allows you to search either by date, doctor or type of appointment. It also sends you a reminder the day before. With a kid in part time child care (aka always sick) it is really convenient!

Mind Snacks Italian
This is a great app based on games to learn a new language. I highly recommend it! 

*I wasn't one of the lucky ones who lost weight while Breastfeeding but rather stored it up like a camel. Wasn't until I weaned bub that it dropped off, along with the midnight raids of the kitchen.

**Such a lame term I know but feels a bit crude writing here what I usually call it.

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