Friday, 30 September 2011

Bend Like a Pretzel

Have you ever done power yoga? It is when you do fast and intense yoga postures in a super hot room. You sweat it out – it is torture in a good way – you really do 'break through barrier' mentally and physically when you do it. Intense in a great way.

Now I would love to be one of those ladies who could be all smug and say 'oh I do yoga at least five times a week, it is part of me and I can not live without it'. But, sadly I am more of a dabbler as is the case with many things in my life, sometimes sustaining a practice just doesn't seem to last. The main reason I hadn't done power yoga in awhile is the cost* – this torture is something you have to pay for! I had used up all the 'cheap trial offers' at all the studios in Canberra and couldn't justify the price of a full paying yogi when I can only get to a class once to twice a week. However, Living Social Social Living came to my rescue in the nick of time - $30 unlimited for a whole month!! WOOP WOOP!! So with my voucher in hand I went to Power Living Power Living in Belconnen to get my om, sweat and controlled breathing on.

This is how the yoga goddess seemed to me.
The class was packed as I found a patch of carpet to lie my mat down. To the left of me was a goddess – little, super tanned, perfect hair. While she stretched I couldn't help thinking inappropriate thoughts about how good she would be in the... anyway, she was lovely and I didn't fell any negative/jealous feelings towards her – hey, I'm in yoga class baby, it is all about acceptance and loving one another...

Yes, this sounds like some hippy, wanker s**t. But hand on my heart I swear this true. I always feel that way in yoga, and must admit I'm feeling more and more at peace this week (perhaps due to a week off work, a massage, some meditation and much needed nap sessions) but yoga does play its part – and here is proof...

After the gruelling session where I had to take several 'child's pose breaks' which is the yoga equivelent of taking a knee in football, the session always ends with the lights dimmed, lying on your mat and trying like hell to get your breath back. When I was doing this, eyes closed, something weird happened. I had a vision that my breath had colour. I was breathing in green air and blowing out black, gross air, not unlike a car exhaust. This lasted for what felt like several minutes. It also continued while I was driving back home after the session. Most of all, it felt fantastic! Amazing! Ike I was truly getting rid of some inner rubbish and filling my body with good, healthy fresh stuff. It was unreal yet not scary and now I try to visualise the same thing when I do some deep breathing (usually in an effort to control road rage thoughts or when Dr Love and I are having a tiff).
This is the position I take - a lot!!

OK, so now you can really call me a hippy wannabe after reading the above, but hey, I tell the truth and nothing but the truth. This is what happened. I was talking to  Miss F at work about this experience and she said it would make a great post. So here it is – Miss career, friend, wife, sister, daughter and beginner yogini.

See ya,
M x

PS. I originally thought girls wore tight clothes to yoga to show off hot bods. Oh no,  as I found out, a baggy top really gets in the way, especially when trying to breathe in downward dog position - ended up blocking my face and airway!

*Ok the real reason I haven't done power yoga in a while is not cost, but rather trying to get a bun in my bakery if you know what I mean. Still, power yoga is expensive if you can't get there at least three times a week.

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