Wednesday, 26 February 2014


It has finally happened - our bathroom, toilet and laundry have been renovated!

The original just wasn't cutting it anymore. It wasn't the vintage green tiles that bothered me, or even the original features. It wasn't an aesthetic issue but one of practicality. We had a leak behind the shower (turned out a rusty nail had pierced the pipe years ago and was slowly leaking), which was bound to do significant damage if left unattended.

It was also a cleaning issue. No matter how many times I scrubbed, bleached, re-grouted and tried every anti-mould trick in the book, I just couldn't get rid of the grime. It had even started to impact on the ceiling. Add in a broken window (I assume a previous owner locked themselves out or an attempted burglary occurred), plus a damaged door, and it was time to move on.


Before we embarked on this project, we had to decide if it was worth the investment. Would we be in this home for at least another five years? Or would the money be better spent going towards a new home? After weighing up our options - working part time, being able to take time off work to care for my parents, being able to sleep at night due to having our mortgage repayments covered and expecting another bub, we decided to stay put and do up our house a bit.

We sought the services of Avado. Co-owned and operated by a friend's brother, I knew the quality of their work. Avado project managed the whole renovation, which made life just that little bit less stressful for us. They completed the whole job in one week, while we were interstate so we didn't have to live without amenities and keep Little L from all the tools and live wires.

We went for two quotes. One was our (OK, my) dream bathroom which would of required lots of re-plumbing and asbestos removal. The second quote involved not removing walls and plumbing but an overall face lift. We went with the latter option but threw in a new ceiling and window to replace the above mentioned damaged ones. We also cut down costs by getting our original bathroom re-enameled. We decided to do the separate toilet and laundry at the same time to ensure the renovation updated all our wet areas and didn't leave us with mismatch rooms.

To increase the feeling of space, I went for a modern twist on the subway tiles, a floor tile with texture and simple but kind of old-school fittings for a look that fits with our not so modern home.


Supply list:
Tiles and vanity: Amber Tiles Fyswhick*
Fittings including all tap wear, towel rails and hooks: Reece
Toilet: Reece
Shaving cabinet: Bunnings
Shower screen: organised by Avado

*Amber Tiles stuffed up our vanity order so I do not fully recommend them.

Apologies for not high quality photos! I'm working on my photography skills! :) 

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