Monday, 25 July 2011

Wannabe Wog

I have a confession to make - I'm a wannabe wog.

Yes that is right. I'm a downright try hard who wants to be a wog so bad, preferably of Italian descent. Before I go any further I'm not talking the 'fully sick, quidoette' type to wog - though that option does seem appealing on many levels. I'm talking the olive skinned, curly hair, looks like Sophia Loren, fluent in the language of love and a whiz in the kitchen kind of wog. I want to be part of the ancestral tree that kicked started the Renaissance and created the world-wide popular cuisine of pasta, cured meats, gelati and rich tomato sauces - now that is fully sick!

Lucky for me Dr Love (who is my hubby) happens to be half-wog with his mum's parents migrating here after the war. This has given more fuel to my pizza oven fire including taking lingua Italia classes and being blessed enough to travel there on our own Roman Holiday honeymoon.

 Yep, wannabe wog I am and this will no doubt be passed on to my future Bambini with Italian inspired names already chosen. 

One of my favourite wogs in the whole wide world is my Nonno (ok so he is my in-law Nonno but such technical words kill the sentiment and he is mine as I am his). 

As soon as I met Nonno my heart melted. I had that moment that we all have had when we meet a like-minded spirit who we immediately feel drawn to and feel safe. Every time I think of Nonno I smile and have lovely thoughts. This man has amazing stories... 

Nonno once stood face to face with Hitler and Mussolini as a young lad at military school. He then lived as a somewhat rebel in the Italian Alps and sleeping in barns, risking his life as a 'traitor' instead of killing complete strangers. This brave soul then made the tough decision to start a new life for his fiancĂ©e and himself by coming to an unknown country to do back breaking work in the sugar cane and tobacco fields of Queensland. 

He reminisces on these experiences in such a matter-of-fact style, which Dr Love has inherited from him, along with the smarts to rival some of the best out there. Nonno is always up for a laugh that sits quite all right with me. Plus he has style that puts Andre3000 to shame - no wonder all the ladies in his retirement village swoon over him!

Obviously I could go on and on, so I will leave it here but I have a feeling he will make visits in more posts - hey a man who has grappa in his morning coffee and drinks a raw egg or two a day deserves to be in a blog! 

Yep, I'm a wannabe wog and I will keep on pretending I am one with Nonno's help.

See ya,
M x


  1. Hi Mmmm, your nonno in-law sounds like a wonderful man! While you may not be Italian by blood, you're clearly embraced the Italian spirit of living La Dolce Vita!

  2. Thanks Rose, I do try! xx