Tuesday, 20 August 2013

10 Things We Can Learn from Beyonce

Sometimes when  I feel down or just a bit blah, I watch Beyonce YouTube videos and get my girl power on again. Here are 10 things we can learn from Beyonce:

1. Bootylicious
We are all perfect creations that are made to feel imperfect but never fear! Flip it, embrace your so called 'flaws', create a new way to describe them and don't worry about those 'not ready for your jelly'!

2. Best Thing I Never Had
"Find the good in goodbye" and realise a missed opportunity can be a blessing in disguise. Whether it is a relationship, promotion or relocation recognise that often a higher power is looking after you and closing off something not that beneficial.

3. Girl
Stand strong with your girlfriends. Show them you care. No woman can get through life without her ladies cheering her on. As Destiny's Child puts it: "I'm your girl, you're my girl, we're your girls, don't you know that we love you?".

3. Freakum Dress
Enough said, we all need to get our hot on from time to time!

4. Me, Myself and I
Being a strong, independent and single lady is a powerful message Queen Bee often advocates. One that will forever be true - you don't ever need a man to validate your self worth. Never stay in a bad relationship, you are magnificent on your own, don't let anyone steal your shine.

5. Why Don't You Love Me
We all get insecure from time to time.

6. Upgrade U
If you are in a relationship make sure you are a power couple. Choose someone who pushes you to be your best, while you do the same for them. This doesn't just apply to our careers but also our growth as a human such as our emotional and spiritual development, and even our parenting skills.

7. Diva
"A diva is a female version of a hustla" and girls don't ever give up the hustle! Don't be afraid of hard work and watch that money and success pile up!

8. Crazy in Love
Fall head over heels, it is the only way to the this love thing right!

9. Survivor
Be a survivor. Crawl and fight your way through the darkness and become resilient in the process.

10. Green light
This is for the men - sometimes a strong woman just wants you to take the lead ;)


  1. I actually do not really connect with her. Her voice is amazing and there are songs I'll sing along to but nothing that really moves me. But there are so many songs from other artists that teach me so much and have so much meaning.

    1. Hi Vanisha,
      Please share some artists that do move you! Always love discovering new music.